Tick Prevention

As you head outside to enjoy the fall colors or the spring flowers, keep in mind that these two seasons are when ticks are most prevalent. But don’t let the fear of ticks keep you from getting outside with your dog.

To reduce the chance of your dog encountering one of these insects, there are a few things you can do:

  • At home, keep your lawn mowed. Ticks love to hide out in thick, tall grasses just waiting for your four-legged friend to come by so they can hitch a ride inside their warm, soft coat.
  • Outdoor pesticides can be great, but read warning labels carefully to be sure they are pet friendly.
  • One of the more effective ways to prevent tick infestation is to treat your dog with a topical solution. Look for a product that also promises to repel fleas and mosquitoes, that way all your bases will be covered. A tick collar may be sufficient in most cases.

While you are taking care of your dog’s health, remember to take care of your own, too.

  • Wearing light-colored clothing will enable you to spot a tick more easily and thus remove it promptly. Tuck your pant legs inside your socks and then inside your boots, if possible.

Be sure to check your dog carefully after every outdoor adventure. Should you find a tick, here’s a video explaining how best to remove it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mN3HDzCpiU