Leash Training with Your New Puppy

Leash training your new pup is much easier than re-training your older, more mature one.

Every new dog owner knows that leash training can be challenging, but with these few tips, you will be walking your pup like a pro.

Start by slipping a loose collar around your pup’s neck to get him acclimated to the collar and the feeling it provides.

It’s probably best to do this while he is distracted with a play toy or even while he is eating. Don’t be concerned if he tries to shake it off, because he probably will, but it is important that you not remove it during this time. Wait until he is again distracted or settled down to remove the collar.

You can do this on/off several times a day until you feel he is comfortable with the collar on.

Next, introduce the leash. Same rules apply, but this time, clip the leash to the collar and allow your pup to pull it around the house. This will allow him to feel the weight of the leash.

Once he has demonstrated he is not fearful of the leash, it’s now time for you to engage the leash. Pick up your end of the leash and start walking your pup around the house. As long as he doesn’t pull, continue to walk and offer praise. This exercise could easily take a few days, but stick with it.

When you are certain he understands the leash law (no pulling), he is now ready for an adventure in the great outdoors.

Start with your own backyard or community sidewalk. Remember – As long as he walks without pulling, give him high-fives, plenty of love and a few treats as a reward.

If he begins to pull, do not yank or yell as this will only make him fearful of the experience. Stop, stand and simply call your dog to return to you and reward him with plenty of praise and a treat when he does.

This is a critical stage in leash training. If your dog is allowed to pull you along without consequences, he will continue to pull and moreover, walk you.

With patience and due diligence, it won’t be long until you and he are taking walking adventures all around your neighborhood and your favorite parks!

Now get out there and enjoy a walk with your new best friend!