Three Ways to Keep your Dog Happy during Severe Winter Weather

It’s fitting that our inaugural post for thrill-seeking dog lovers is related to the climate, since the Alcott attitude is get out there and explore. But if you are like us at Alcott HQ, this polar vortex has us shivering in our boots&mdashboth human and doggy.

Here at Alcott, we’re all about exploring the world with our dogs – be it jogging around the block or trekking across the country. But, being dog lovers above all, even we know our limits, which were tested when our not-so-good friends Hercules and Ion brought freezing temperatures to town.

As the American Veterinary Medical Association suggests, pets should not be left out for long periods in severely cold weather. But freezing temps aren’t reason to forego adventures; sometimes the best option is to take the fun inside until the frigidness wears off.

Alcott rubber ball for dogsThree of our favorite indoor fun ideas include:

  1. Go fetch: Turn your living room into a playroom for some good old games of fetch. Try one of our Alcott rubber balls to ramp up this age-old activity.
  2. Party at the pet store: Get your dog out of the house with a visit to your local pet store. Not only will they meet new friends, they may (more likely will) get some treats out of it, too!
  3. Playtime with pals: Like most dog-lovers, you probably surround yourself with other like-minded canine enthusiasts. Why not join forces with your friends and give your dogs a fun indoor playdate?

It’s a cold one out there, but nice (well, nicer) January weather is on the horizon! Load us up on your RSS feed or check back weekly to make the most out of your outdoor winter (spring, summer and autumn) adventures. In the meantime, stay warm and keep those tails waggin’!